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Google Voice Search Now Supports Indian Accents

It is official that Google has announced, Google voice search gives better support for Indian Accents now. Yes you heard correctly. Google has worked hardly with nearly 700 volunteers in India to get good pronunciation of words to result in specific language for the Indian Accent. The Google voice search is already offering 47 regional languages around the world and now it is ready to give services in India where the smartphone market and voice-based searches are increasing day by day.

This feature is available in all Android mobile phones which have Android 2.3 or higher version, iOS devices and windows computers. This voice search technology can also be used for sending SMS or sending an email. Google has collected spoken utterances to create particular Indian language which illustrates English voice search in the Indian Accent. Google also gives the answers to the questions asked by the users questions instead giving queries on the screen also it recognizes voice commands like sending a message or to call phone.

The new features demonstrate Google’s commitment to India and to continually improving the search experience by the Indian users. According to Google, this is cloud based analysis which improves to involve more people in the environment. To access this voice search, download Google search app and go to settings. Select Voice> language> choose English > English (India) and now you are ready to use the Google voice search with Indian accent.
Google Voice Search Now Supports Indian Accents Reviewed by Praveen P on Monday, June 30, 2014 Rating: 5

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