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Google’s Innovative idea resulted with own self-Driving cars

For the past couple of years, Google has been doing complete research on self-driving cars with an automatic mechanism to drive cars without steering and accelerator pedals which helps in emergency. Finally Google today declared its own idea for self-Driving cars which is in testing phase and to launch as early as this year.

The main motto of this attempt is to avoid road accidents driven by humans. Around Thirty thousand of Americans die from accidents each year, in which it becomes 1.2 m worldwide. By this, Google believes that it can avoid by as much as 90 % using this automatic technology that can sense and react to things faster than humans.

Google says the vehicles are two-seater with battery powered and boast safety features like a flexible windshield and foam-like material covering the front portion of the vehicle and the top speed of this vehicle will be 40 Kilometers per hour. Google wants to launch these cars on the streets as soon as possible. Also it hopes to build at least 100 prototypes over the next two years.

In an Interview, Google’s Chris Urmson said in the blog as the new Google cars will have so many safety features and we have effectively two motors which are in passive mode and they work if any one of the motors fails to work. This helps the vehicle to drive continuously without any interruption.

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