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Popular cloud Computing companies in India

Cloud computing is a mainly used to refer to a model of network computing where a program or application runs on a connected server or servers rather than on a local computing device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. It is much talked term in technology and is being used by many people in daily IT life. Here are some popular companies that offer best cloud computing services in India.

# Reliance Data Center: Reliance Data Center is the largest Internet data service provider in India. It not only hosts business IT infrastructures and applications for India but it provides cloud computing services for foreign companies, educational institutions and other organizations.

# Tata Consultancy services: TCS is service based company that offers IT services, consulting and business operations in India. TCS is one of the largest Indian IT Service Company that offers cloud computing services according to 2013 revenue report. This cloud services includes cloud development, deployment and migration services.

# Wipro Technologies: Wipro Technologies formerly known as Western India Products limited is a multinational IT company and system integration services company. Wipro also provides cloud computing services for organizations which are requested to customize to their needs and also allowing them to expand their IT capabilities at a feasible cost. 

# Infosys: Infosys is also an Indian company that offers IT, business, and software engineering services including outsourcing services. As per 2014 revenues, Infosys has been recognized as 3rd largest India based IT Services Company. Infosys also a one of the leading IT Company that offers cloud computing services to provide the company’s IT services with its professional and integrated cloud solutions. The company offers huge range of cloud computing services to its clients.

# Orange Scape: Orange Scape is product based company located at Chennai with image to clarify business application development. Most of the Orange Scape clients use enterprise version to custom built applications in their data centers. The company uses spreadsheet like development area to create applications, so that domain experts and business analysts can develop their own applications.

# Wolf Frameworks: Wolf Frameworks is basically a service based company in India and United states that offers web application designing and development platform and also it provides cloud computing services worldwide. The cloud computing infrastructure of this company enables all the users to design and deliver cross platform SaaS applications without writing technical code. This company mainly offers many features for all the users like technical code free designing environment.
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