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6 Best Free softwares to try for your PC

Everyone is very much interested in installing new software or programs that arrives in the market. Usually all the users like to install freewares rather than installing licensed versions. Some of them are Adobe Reader, MS Office, and Firefox and so on. But many users are not aware of other software that is available in the hub. Check them out now.

Dexpot: By using this software, you can use multiple desktops and can arrange them as you wish. You can avoid constantly minimize, maximize and resizing the windows. This software not only allows you to customize the options but it also offers you to switch you between virtual desktops.

KeePass: In these days, people maintain so many email ids and secure passwords to their ids. It is very difficult to remember all those mail ids, user ids and passwords. You may end up with writing their passwords publicly which is not secure. So, put an end to all those by installing KeePass. KeePass is free open source software which allows users to store all their passwords in their database. This storage database will be locked by one master key with encrypted format which cannot be accessible by hackers.

Rainmeter: Rainmeter is an application that lets users to check system performance and a variety of other useful information on your desktop. Also with this software, users can customize their desktop by placing widgets, RSS feeds and much more applications on their desktop. The whole desktop can be replaced with skin and users can download thousands of skins that are available in web.

Rocketdock: Rocketdock is a smoothly animated, alpha based application launcher that offers a good clean interface to open and drop shortcuts on the desktops for easy access. With newly added task bar feature the minimized windows now display as icons on the dock. This helps users to have better manner to access the applications.

7-Zip: Window users only use WinZip for compressing the big sized files in the world. This 7-Zip unpacks a host of archive formats such as TAR, ZIP, GZ and its own 7z format. This software will helps more in UNIX and Linux formats. Some extra advanced features include adjusting compression level and password protection of archived files.

Recuva: Once in a while users will delete the files accidentally and they realize that cannot be recovered further. By installing Recuva on your PC, it helps you to recover deleted files from various sources. This spontaneous user interface will help users to recover deleted files from Windows computer, digital camera card, MP3 player and including recycle bin.
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