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Apple’s iPhone 6 comes with an Unscratchable Screen

The latest news is that, Apple may have provided strong proof that the arriving iPhone 6 will appear with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass display. Even this has been proved by scratching the phone display with knife and a set of keys, the result is with no scratches.

In a YouTube video, Marques Brownlee explains what exactly a front panel from the iPhone 6, straight of Apple’s assembly lines. He also identified that the glass size is about 4.7 inches diagonally, and it is increased in size when compared to previous phone iPhone 5s, which is having 4 inch display.

Marques Brownlee does not subject the glass to any impact tests. While sapphire display is scratch-proof, it’s also quite fragile and could be susceptible to damage from drops on its own. However, Apple patents and other circumstantial evidence suggest that the front panel is actually a surrounded with sapphire and another cheaper material. 

This is just a third person statement and we can’t confirm until Apple makes an official announcement about the scratch-resistant display. Till now the release date for the iPhone 6 has been revealed, as per iPhone launch history it seems this phone also expected to launch by September. Let’s wait for the moment.
Apple’s iPhone 6 comes with an Unscratchable Screen Reviewed by Praveen P on Wednesday, July 09, 2014 Rating: 5

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