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Beware of eCommerce Hackers

Hacking means accessing secured computer system by disabling or bypassing the security. Some Hackers will steal the personal data or destroy data and some just do for fun, and might leave messages to let someone know that they have been hacked without doing any harm to the system. It is crystal clear that India’s eCommerce industry has become the target of large scale Internet hacking, which are continuously forcing to bring down these websites.

Still it is not clear whether any Indian eCommerce company has so far paid any money through force or threats for any Internet attackers. It is real fact that there is huge number of attacks on eCommerce companies in India. The main purpose of these attacks is to blackmail money from eCommerce companies to stop the respective attacks. But online fashion eCommerce giant Jabong acknowledged the attacks while saying it did not have any effect on the business and the identified source of attacks is not only on Indian servers but it is on foreign servers as well. 

In 2014 Trustwave Global security report, retail industry was the top industry for making up 35% of the attacks investigated. Among these 54% of the attacks were against eCommerce sites, where hackers target servers and databases that host the customer data. Large eCommerce retailers will have more administrative, legal resources to perform post-incident investigation; so many hackers try to avoid them. Retailers need to ensure that hosting providers and data centers are loaded with complete security fencing. Also it is required to check the content management systems are up to date with licensed versions and websites are properly audited without any flaws.
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