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Liquids to keep your PC cool

We know that personal computers are more efficient than laptops but we use PCs for more duration without any break, they can slow down, or worse, completely shut down owing to overheating. Researchers now developed liquids containing some nanoparticles that can avoid devices from overheating and helps the devices stay cool and as usual keep them work. Recent Research has proved the substances called nanofluids have the capacity to make the electronics cool.

“Consumer demands a lot out of their gadgets. But that puts a huge pressure on the small parts that makes away inside PCs and mainframe computers, which do the major data crunching for us. The final result is overheating, “said Rahman Saidur, professor of mechanical engineering at University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Saidur and team utilized a microchannel heat sink to simulate the warm environment of working electronic systems. They finally analysed three nanofluids that are very important in effective coolant. These includes three main factors like how good they transform heat, how much energy they lose, the friction they cause and their pumping power. All three performed better than water as coolants with the nanofluid mixture of copper oxide and water topping them all. Hope this liquid comes into the market and makes the lazy PCs to stay cool and get active in performance.
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