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Smart way to find your lost luggage

It is very pathetic when an airline missed your luggage and that too it can take hours or days or even weeks to trace out about your luggage. The passengers will eagerly wait to get someone to tell you where it ended up.

To avoid this problem, Jumbo jet maker Airbus introduced an innovative design for smart luggage at the Paris Air show last year. This “smart luggage” contains the inbuilt GPS tracking chips that are embedded inside the bags capable of transmitting signals about their locations to the travelers and even directly contacting the airlines when they get lost their luggage.

This smart luggage, known as Bag2Go, can be tracked via a smartphone app. This app can be installed in all the Android phones and iOS phones. This smart luggage is also having other best feature, as it allows for self-service check-ins and weighs itself to ensure that it meets the specific airline requirements. This smart luggage mainly helps when someone stolen the traveler luggage and we can track easily by using inbuilt GPS tracking facility.
Smart way to find your lost luggage Reviewed by Praveen P on Tuesday, July 08, 2014 Rating: 5

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