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Smartcane sticks to guide blind people in India

India is now home to the world’s largest number of blind people. Across the globe there are nearly 37 million blind people and over 15 million are from India. On the roads, pavement walkers are disturbed with street vendors, animals, streetlights and other big stones which make them uncomfortable even for sighted people. In this situation, it is very tough for blind people to cross the busy roads from one lane to other lane and also it is very difficult to walk on the pavements.

In order to overcome the problems of blind people, Meenakshi Balakrishnan, a computer engineer at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi took an heads up initiative and  introduced the white cane device. Balakrishnan leads the team behind the Smartcane, a new equipment using ultrasound to guide the visually impaired through the busy streets in India. This device is built upon using white cane. This white cane is an excellent device that provides a lot of information to the users. It can identify the obstacles that are below waist height and it cannot recognize the taller objects above the waist like tree branches.

The main advantage comes from ultrasound scanning a 45 degree angle above the knee part, providing information a regular cane simply can’t provide. Whenever the people moves from left to right white cane will detect the vibrations and guides the direction to move further. The Smartcane is not the first one to launch. In other countries like South Korea, Taiwan and UK, Ultra Cane has been available since 2011. So, this initiative will be very useful to the visually challenged people of India.
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