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Beam Messenger App shows what your friends type, as they type it

The beauty of sending a message to your friends is that you can do changes what you want to send. If you type a word or sentence and find a mistake in it, then it is very easy to rework on it before you send to your friend. Until your text is perfect you don't have to hit send. But this won’t work in Beam Messenger because this app shows both participants in a conversation what the other party is typing.


Beam Messenger is developed by the Toronto-based Propulsion Lab "this is the closest you will get to have a verbal conversation in a messaging app", said its download page available on Google Play. Unlike traditional messaging apps, Beam Messenger is a first of its kind ‘True Real Time’ communications app. It allows for instant typing and transmission of text. Erase messages in real time or interrupt your friend to say 'you have heard the story before! The post of the company's website read.

"Every character, every deleted character, every single pause, in real time. Right there in the palm of your hand," it added. With the Beam messenger app, your recipient will be able to see everything you type in a text as you type it, such as corrections and what you choose not to send. Users won't have to wait for the sender to send a message. They can comment into conversations in real-time and ultimately be able to talk to their friends without actually sending their texts.

Alec Gordon, CEO of Beam, said the messages sent by the user aren't monitored, and the company said users won't experience any delays between typing and seeing the words appear on the screen, giving them the chance to "beam in" and interrupt or comment within conversations.
This app is currently available for free on Android devices. iOS version of the App is about 65 percent done & once this is done we will start developing the PC version. The different platforms will be able to message each other, Gordon said.
Beam Messenger App shows what your friends type, as they type it Reviewed by Praveen P on Saturday, November 22, 2014 Rating: 5

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