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Ofcom publishes as 4G speed is seven times faster than 3G

Long back 3G services has started and users are mostly addicted to 3G data services than 2G because of its uploading and downloading speed. Currently the users are interested in 4G data service. According to new research published by Ofcom, uploading content, such as photos or videos, is more than seven times faster on 4G than on 3G data services. Internet data service providers normally advertise their data services based on their download and uploading speeds, as this is what matters if you are consuming web content – browsing news websites or streaming video.
However, the mobile internet experience tends to be more interactive, with many people using their phones to share photos and videos on the fly, so upload speeds are becoming more important. The communications regulator Ofcom has today published its first research into consumers’ experience of mobile broadband in the UK, based on 210,000 tests of 4G and 3G services. The research reveals that the average upload speed over 4G is 12.4Mbps where as upload speed over 3G speed is limited to 1.6Mbps. The average mobile download speed on 4G is 15.1 Mbps which is more than double as speed as on 3G which is 6.1 Mbps across all the networks.
An Ofcom spokesman defended the report, claiming that it is intended to help consumers understand differences in speed performance between 3G and 4G services, and to support consumers in choosing a service that suits their requirements.

"Our tests used smart phones anyone can buy and captured the performance a consumer would typically experience," said Sarah Lee, head of policy at Countryside Alliance. "We have also included maps and data in our dashboard to display the coverage of 4G services; the second phase of this research is under way and we expect to publish in spring 2015."
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